With 48 hours of video uploaded every minute and 3 billion videos watched every day, YouTube has come a long way since one of the site’s co-founders, Jawed Karim, uploaded the first video of himself talking about elephants at the zoo almost 7 years ago.

From the world’s largest library of online videos, here are several of the best YouTube channels for librarians.

Source: oedb.org

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The Grovo.com Expert Series features Jordan Franklin of Clickable. 

Source: grovo.com

How to make magnetic fluid, ferrofluid. 

Making of Batelco INFINITY

Batelco - INFINITY

The Outfield Rare UK Newsclip 1985

Danny MacAskill, Hans Rey and Steve Peat Adventure

Golfers Brave Shark-Infested Course!

Viatask Taskrabbit competitor

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