Site Redesign

Check out the article today in TechCrunch about's new look:

Pinterest: Categorizing web content

I was just such a big dork myself until this afternoon. Pinterest, it seems, is one of the hottest new startups online - growing fast, piling up almost 10,000 glowing reviews for its iPhone app and now reportedly raising a large sum of money at a 4x pre-money valuation. Perhaps the fact that you and I both are just now hearing about this thriving year-old site after it is raising a lot of money means we’re hopelessly behind on this one.

Pinterest hasn’t gotten a lot of press before, though. That could be because it’s a visual bookmarking site used primarily by women (apparently) , and the male-dominated tech press is just less likely to notice success in that sector. It’s a great looking service though and a lot of fun to use. There are certainly ways it could be improved, but it’s clearly catching on.

(via @MarshallK and Read Write Web)

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